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Stunning Batu Payung

“Wow, it is fabulous,”  words  from almost all World Travel Writers Gathering  2014 participants when they arrived at Batu Payung. ‘Kereeen banget’  Tui Anderson said, one of travel writers from Australia who join us.  No one could stop taking photographs and saying how beautiful it was. Everybody was busy on how to make good and epic photograph, because it’s too beautiful to be ignored.

We arrived there by riding a boat and it took about 15 minutes, after passing a thrilled waves.  You also can go there by walking, and it is about 500 meter  from Tanjung Aan.   It’s just a matter of preferences. You can choose whatever way you want to go through.

If we translate Batu Payung into English, it will be an Umbrella Stone. Why it is called an umbrella? Because its shaped is like an umbrella.  One that also made Batu Payung unique is because there is no sand over there, it all covers with stone and coral.

We spent about more than an hour, we think it was too short to enjoy all the beauty there. With blue sea water, with cloudy sky for a moment and then turned out shine at the end of the time  we were leaving, with rough and tough coral, and with all happiness that we had. At the end all I need to say ‘It was an amazing journey at stunning Batu Payung .‘

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